Training & Education Center

Our Mission Statement
To offer best in class Medical Education learning experiences to all our stakeholders and partners. Driven by methodology and technology, we serve to develop staff and customers alike through structured and continuous learning pathways around solutions by Kanghui. We strive to offer medical education solutions that matter.


At Kanghui International, we believe that professional education is an essential component towards providing trained and proficient healthcare stakeholders in the knowledge of safe and appropriate applications of our solutions to help patients restore normalcy to their lives.

We do this by focusing and developing continual medical education programs for healthcare professionals around solutions by Kanghui in the space of orthopedic trauma and spine.

We aim to bring relevant and meaningful educational topics to targeted customer segments based on HCP specific needs in the region or country.
At Kanghui International, we believe internal education (Commercial Education) is essential towards providing professional and reliable support to our stakeholders to ensure the safe and proficient applications of our solutions.

We do this by partnering our distributors in sales and marketing through structured programs to ensure their proficiency and knowledge of our solutions.

Recent News &

Lower Limb Cadaveric Course
During the last week of November 2022, Medtronic Kanghui International and Education team successfully held the 2nd International Lower Limb Cadaveric Course in Bangkok, Thailand on 26th - 27th Nov 2022. This 2 days' in-person event enabled 31 HCP participants from 9 countries to elevate their clinical knowledge through a comprehensive and intensive program consisting of didactic lectures and a generous amount of time allocated to case discussions and specimen application.
Basic Trauma Training – Practical Edition
Basic Trauma Training (BTT) is the flagship training program around traumatology in orthopedics at Kanghui International. This instructor led classroom/workshop-based training serves as a follow up to the BTT Online Training Webinar Series held as a pre-requisite to attending this event. This practical edition included didactic teaching, interactive participation and live demonstration targeted towards sales and marketing/product representatives and distributors based internationally. This training was held on 13th – 16th Dec 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.