Kanghui's milestone over 25 years development

Kanghui is an innovative orthopedic solutions provider rooted in China. We have 4 International R&D centers, and our products cover more than 65 countries and regions around. With integrated and innovative power in the file of medical science and technologies, Kanghui is committed to providing surgeons, patients and partners with comprehensive support.

Kanghui’s innovative medical solutions

Kanghui is determined to restore people’s health by delivering reliable orthopedic solutions that ensure availability, affordability, and acceptability.

We work closely with distributors, providing unwavering support and ensuring market availability to a growing trauma and spine portfolio.

Being part of Medtronic places us in a unique position to leverage global expertise and resources, opening knowledge and innovative solutions to the wider community.

Kanghui’s business coverage

65+ countries serving Kanghui products
Meeting the needs of patients and partners around the globe